After graduating from BIMM Bristol, I have been asked several times about this topic. Here are my thoughts, get in touch to let me know what your opinion is!

Taken at BIMM Bristol Studios

Personally, Music Univiersity, same as every higher education course, will require the right mindset to get the best of it. That tarts with work ethic. You’ll have to work your arse off and keep an open mind. Unlike with other degrees, music industry is not someting you are granted entry…

I have been using snareweights M80 and the mylar cuts for four months now and I can’t get enough of them. For me, the ultimate drum dampening system.

What’s good:

  • Easy to fit
  • Hard to lose as it stays in your drum unlike moongel
  • Cuts give you the minimal dampening to get rid of those disturbing but not annoying overtones, specially on toms, whilst keeping all the tone and volume from the drum
  • M80 gives you the flexibility…

Carlos Coronado

Musician & Educator - From Spain, based in Bristol, UK. - INTJ - In a constant search of mental clarity & inner peace through productivity, focus & motivation.

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