Going to Music University

Taken at BIMM Bristol Studios

Personally, Music Univiersity, same as every higher education course, will require the right mindset to get the best of it. That tarts with work ethic. You’ll have to work your arse off and keep an open mind. Unlike with other degrees, music industry is not someting you are granted entry into as you show your degree. You have to understand that you go to Uni to create and polish the traits that will make you a succesful individual in the industry. Regardless of wht any institution, it is you who bridges the gap between where you are and what you want to be. At the end of the day they are not going to get you anything if you don’t keep working hard, as a student they might link you up with opportunities etc but you have to go with zero expectations.

In my case, it was a lot of written work, even harder when English is not your first language. But hey, writing is a form of thinking, thinking is the best way of learning and growing as a human being, so why should this be bad?

BIMM Bristol particularly, is a good place to connect with other people and most teachers are awesome, but the institution is just a money business, and you have to understand that they will take your money first and then give you your education. I can guarantee that all of my teachers did an awesome job at the latter. BIMM is a growing institution and they are improving their facilities, faculty and curriculum as you read this.

Based on personal experiences, I don’t regret going at all, but I came expecting a LOT more level of skill amongst students and getting more opportunities from the university, but they accept everyone to get their money (fair enough, that means they have more money to pay better tutors and better facilities). You have to be aware that is up to you to get and create the opportunities for yourself. In this regard, I am thankful for the Bristol music scene, as it is extremely helpful to have such a thriving open scene for you. There are so many opportunities, just go out and show your best would be my advice. In my case, I run a recording/rehearsal studio now, BIMM has done nothing for me in this regard but through some of the teachers I have found the right mindset where I can make this possible.



Musician & Educator - From Spain, based in Bristol, UK. - INTJ - In a constant search of mental clarity & inner peace through productivity, focus & motivation.

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