It’s about being aware of your actions and your intentions, and how these match (or not).

I quite often get asked what did I get out of my three years of Uni. People would expect a massive development in my drumming or having written a lot of essays, which are not far from the truth. However, in hindsight, is about myself what I most learned.

I dont feel like I have changed my personality, the way I am or who I mostly spend my time with. But I have definitely gained a broader and deeper sense into who I am and what my instincts are, and how these dictate my choices. Writing my dissertation certainly helped uncover my core values that shape my views on the world and my thought process. Now I know that if I zoom out and study certain patterns I can study what these lead to and then I can choose to avoid them or increase their frequency.

‘How is this useful for me to know’ you may ask

Here is what it has done to me:

Helps me find the triggers to stay motivated

Helps me avoid bad habits I might fall into

Helps achieve more clarity when making short-term decisions that are linked to long term goals

So, I know that if injure myself or get illl, I will then have to possibly go through a process of taking rest, which disturbs me when my mind tells me I need to keep working. I will probably have to stop practicing which breaks my whole life routine, as I build it around my practice time i.e. I stop stretching and meditating, which help my mental health. So I guess I need to stay fit and healthy. No bad food and lack of exercise because I am aware of the consequences.

What can I do to be more self-aware?

Personally, I think the best path for this is putting your strengths and weaknesses on paper. Take a moment to sit down and draw map where you list what you would like to happen long-term and what you can do short term to get closer to these. It’s about being AWARE of your actions and your intentions and how these match (or not). Triple down on what you are great that and minimise the impact of what you suck at. Delegate when needed, assume responsibilities when given the opportunity. It’s hard to not stay driven when you know what the best version of yourself looks like and you continually try to pursue it.

Musician & Educator - From Spain, based in Bristol, UK. - INTJ - In a constant search of mental clarity & inner peace through productivity, focus & motivation.

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