I went to see my drumming idol play and this is what happened.

The energy in the room that he created was insane and it was awesome to go see with my dad, who introduced him to me when he was playing with Avishai Cohen back in 2008. I was always amazed with the ‘As Is…Live at the Blue Note’ album… without knowing who he was, I felt a deep connection back then.

The night in Madrid was incredible. Despite the more than 7 hours I had driven that day, the emotions overcame the tiredness. The fact that I was there with my dad to presence such an event, and obviously Mark Guiliana didn’t disappoint, he even exceeded my high expectations. His playing, in such a broad dynamic range, was impactful, thoughtful and deeply inspiring. The compositions and the performance put by the rest of the band was astonishing. Had such a good beer and jamon toast just before the concert that are worth mentioning as well!

Go see your idols perform. Try watch them, get close, experience the air moving in that room and feel them play. There are so many things that are missing from a Spotify stream or watching on YouTube. It can be the same song, the same performer, same stage even… but it isn’t the same thing.

In my honest opinion, I see music as a social phenomena. It’s about the expression of emotions between the musicians and the audience and their reinterpretation of what they felt when they listen to the music they perform for you. Mass-produced pop records might have changed the way public perceives music but an astonishing live show is yet to be beaten. There are so many artist I don’t really listen to, but would love to see their live show, no matter how big they are. For me, that’s the moment when they are really speaking to me. Kanye, Beyonce, Dua Lipa, any band that I am observing that they are breaking into the local scene, a friend’s first EP launch… I prioritise live performances against home listening all the time. I challenge you to go to a live show of someone you haven’t listened to before and won’t listen till they start playing on that night, let me know how that goes!

If you reduce your influences to the only-through-headphones connection, you’re missing out on experiencing such a powerful emotional stream. Some switches are activated on a live performance that speakers can’t reproduce.Wh

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